RS-X 150 ABS

Price: RM 9,999.00
Model Type: Honda


– IC clear copy
– Payslip 1 month latest OR SSM & company bank
statement 6 months
— Bil api atau bil air terkini (Utility bill latest)
– Processing loan 3 to 5 days
– Trade in 2nd hand bikes is welcomed


Honda FS150FAN /FAN2
Colour: Blue, Red & Yellow

149.16cc, 15.8Hp. 13.6Nm, 6-speed gearbox. One-channel ABS system


*Down Payment 0%  (OTR)
*Monthly RM295 X 5 Years
*Monthly RM344 X 4 Years
*Monthly RM426 X 3 Years
*Monthly RM590 X 2 Years

AEON PLAN B  (0.70% Promotion rate)
*Down Payment RM 1,310(OTR)
*Monthly RM249 x 5 Years
*Monthly RM292 x 4 Years
*Monthly RM365 x 3 Years
*Monthly RM511 x 2 Years

AEON PLAN C  (0.60% Promotion rate)
*Down Payment RM2,620(OTR)
*Monthly RM208 x 5 Years
*Monthly RM247 x 4 Years
*Monthly RM310 x 3 Years
*Monthly RM438 x 2 Years


CHAILEASE CREDIT (0.69% Promotion rate)
*Down Payment RM0
*Monthly RM278 x 5 Years
*Monthly RM327 X 4 Years
*Monthly RM409X 3 Years
*Monthly RM573X 2 Years


** All deposits above are inclusive of insurance& roadtax
** No Extra payment & hidden costs
**Financed by
Aeon credit
Chailease credit
Parkson credit
JCL credit

*Any enquiry, kindly contact our sales representative.